MTH 131 - Applied Calculus

Fall 2019

MTH 131 - Applied Calculus
Cinque Terre


Final grades will be based on class assignments, online WileyPLUS homework, three night exams, and a comprehensive final exam at a date/time/locale TBA. Total points is 660 with points distributed as follows:

PreCalculus Enhancement Project 60 points - The Gateway Exam will be given during the first day of class. Details about this exam and project are given below. The policy regarding make-up exams can be found under the Policies tab above.
Other Assignments 75 points - This includes attending class regularly and completing any/all assignments. Some of these assignments may include class/group activities, projects, quizzes, or additional problems. Details will be given by your instructor in class.
WileyPLUS Online Homework 75 points - Details given under Required Materials tab above.
Exams 300 points (100 points each) - The exams will be administered from 6-7:30 P.M. on
  • Wednesday, October 9
  • Wednesday, November 6
  • Wednesday, December 4
The first two exams will be held in Chafee 271. For Exam 3, Sections 1,3,4,5, and 7 will take the exam in Beaupre 100 while Sections 2,6,8,9 will take the exam in Avedisian 170. The policy regarding make-up exams can be found under the Policies tab above.
Final Exam 150 points - The final exam will be held during one of the Common Exam slots at the end of the semester; the exact date/time/locale is determined by Enrollment Services near mid-semester. You are expected to refrain from making any travel plans until your final exam schedule has been finalized; make up final exams will not be given due to a desire to leave campus prior to your scheduled final exam date.

There is no alternative credit in this course. Assignments will not be graded on a curve nor will any extra credit be made available.

Letter Grade Distribution

Final grades will be determined according to the following scale.

93-100 A
90-92.99 A-
87-89.99 B+
83-86.99 B
80-82.99 B-
77-79.99 C+
73-76.99 C
70-72.99 C-
67-69.99 D+
60-66.99 D
0-59.99 F

PreCalculus Enhancement Project (P.C.E.) for MTH 131

During the first regularly scheduled class, all students will take a gateway exam. The gateway exam consists of 20 precalculus problems to be completed within 45 minutes. There is no partial credit, and the exam is graded as either pass or fail. If you fail or miss the gateway exam, you will be automatically recruited to the Pre-Calculus Enhancement Project in Sakai. If you have a Disabilities Services for Students documented accommodation, please send your paperwork to your instructor in order to receive accommodations for this test.

Scoring If you pass the gateway exam, you will receive 60 points, counted to the overall point total for this course. If you do not pass or miss the gateway exam, you will be added to the PCE project. This project will offer you six mini online lessons which afford you the opportunity to enhance your precalculus skills and earn up to 60 points through six corresponding 10-point online quizzes. All the points from these six quizzes will be counted toward the PCE portion of your overall course points. Since 60 points of the total available 660 points is over 9% of the total points, not passing the gateway exam and not taking the PCE project would lower your final course grade by approximately a letter grade.

Purpose. Precalculus skills are essential to calculus courses. The PCE project is intended to provide a more focused online environment for URI students who may be underprepared for this course. This project provides an opportunity for students to enhance their math skills at their own pace and succeed in calculus classes. All mini lectures are designed following the pace of the course syllabus, and they will be ready to take in your Sakai account, under the site “MTH131- PCE-Fall2019”.